Top selling 85 inch TV reviewed SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED

So, you are probably here because you want to buy a big tv for your Room, Hall or wherever a big TV fits in. An 85 inch TV would be a great entertainment screen for your multi-purpose like playing games, watching TV, streaming, or you are a sports lover and much more. You would definitely love to watch your favourite shown on such a big screen.

While 85 inch TV’s are not that common so you also do not have many great options. You may get many big TV’s but I’ll only be listing the cream of the crop here.

You do not need to invest your precious time in searching for the best ones and then choosing. It has all been done by us. The best TV in the segment has been listed which is the SAMSUNG 85 inch Class QLED

Benefits of 85 inch TV

  • A TV of this size would never disappoint you while playing games or watching your favourite match etc. It has great picture quality.
  • While not as common as 65-inch or 75-inch TVs, the best 85-inch TVs tend to come with flagship features to match any of the best 4K TVs, such as high-dynamic-range (HDR) for great contrast and colour and 120Hz refresh rates for crisp motion.
  • It also comes with some great features like inbuilt apps, Alexa integrated and other common features that you need in your daily life like USB, HDMI, etc.
  • A big TV always enhances the beauty of your room, hall or the wall it is mounted on. You and your friends would love watching and spending time at your home. Your guests would also love enjoying their meals in front of your TV.

Now let’s move on to the cream of the crop.

SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED Q900T Series – Real 8K Resolution

(Image credits: Samsung)

Mounting TypeCan be wall mounted
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI
Display TechnologyQLED

This 8k TV looks gorgeous. It has a seamlessly fast processor which boosts up your content. It has an infinity screen which will take your watching experience to the next level. It looks great, very thin and modern though the base could have looked a little better, and less plasticky.

It also comes with great features like- adaptive light optimization according to the room conditions, It has 4 way Dynamic sound system that tracks the object and helps you in experiencing the realistic 3D sound. See every detail at any angle. Engineered to reduce glare and enhance colour, providing a vibrant picture with no matter where you sit.

You would be having a great gaming experience on this TV as it comes with Real Game Enhancer+ which reduces halo and blur in fast-moving game scenes and AMD FreeSync reduces tearing and stuttering. The Tensin AI is truly remarkable.

You get a zero-bezel infinity screen with this TV, which looks stunning whether the TV is on or off. Four HDMI ports make it convenient for you to connect gaming consoles, soundbars, AV receivers, etc. One HDMI 2.1 port for next-gen hardware that needs a higher passthrough standard.


85 inch Tv

(Image credits: Samsung)

  • Comes with beautifully crafted two remotes one is metal and the other is a plastic one.

The remote of the TV is handy and feels premium. It comes with a lot of features. One is a regular plastic remote with all the numeric rubber buttons and other basic functions and a metal remote with limited functions. The remotes are the real fun to use.

There’s no Samsung OneConnect box cabling solution, though – which is the main difference between this and the Q950TS.

  • The 99% screen design looks amazing with no borders.

The screen design is mind-blowing as it will take your experience to the next level. The borders are near to invisible with minimized black edges, an ultra-slim bezel removes any distractions so you can view more and focus on your favourite movie or show.

  • It is sleeker than you think it would be.

The sleek design of this 85 inch TV enhances its beauty. You will see the mind-blowing sharpness and depth of a real 8K with 16 times more resolution than HDTV. Watch your TV virtually disappear into the walls of your home. It is a decor and a TV.

  • It looks beautiful whether it’s on or off.

Having this TV in your home, whether it is your room or your hall. This TV’s gonna look mind-blowing on the wall or on the table. It will take the beauty of your room to the next level.


It comes with some basic features like Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI and also some mind-blowing features like Alexa built-in. It is not like that this is the only 85 inch TV offering Alexa, no. But you will enjoy Alexa on this TV as the voice response of this TV is super.

The real Game Enhanser+ serves extra motion clarity automatically reduces halo and blur in fast-moving game scenes and AMD FreeSync reduces tearing and stuttering.

It is a smart TV powered by TIZEN. It comes with One Remote which can control all your functions. It automatically detects and controls all compatible connected devices and content.

The Universal Guide provides a list of curated content from broadcast and streaming channels, personalized just for you. Easily find your favourite content, all in one place and enjoy your weekends at home.

This big screen is not meant to be used only for a single purpose but the split-screen feature can also do multitasking. You can watch whatever you want on half of your screen and on the other half you can control your mobile screen and have full access to both of the parts of your split-screen.

It not only offers Alexa as a voice assistant but you can choose amongst the multiple voice assistant for you like the Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby.

QLED works with SmartThings* to put you in control of your smart home. QLED links with IoT devices and sensors so you can turn on the lights, check what’s inside your fridge, and even run the robot vacuum cleaner right from the comfort of your couch.SmartThings compatible devices only. SmartThings app download may be required.


It has the real 8k resolution which will make you feel like you are in the scene. With 33 million pixels you will enjoy the ultimate clarity and frame rates. You get around 16 times more clarity than any HDTV.

The quantum processor 8k is well designed to offer you great picture quality with its deep learning AI technology which unleashes the best and full power of the real 8k. 8K AI upscaling automatically analyzes the input source to reduce image noise, restore lost detail, and define edges around objects and text.

This 85-inch tv comes with an adaptive picture which means whether, in a sunlit living room or a darkened den, Adaptive Picture optimizes the TV by analyzing the picture and the room’s lighting conditions for an amazing picture – wherever and whenever you are watching. It does not matter from which corner of the room you are watching this TVV or from which angle but you will get the sharp and crisp picture quality from any corner you watch.

It provides precision contrast for stunning depth and detail. Densely concentrated backlight zones automatically adjust scene by scene for the fullest range of whites and blacks. The TV is engineered to reduce glare and enhance colour, providing a vibrant picture with no matter where you sit.

The Quantum HDR 32X provides The best Samsung HDR picture, from brilliant colour to the darkest details.  Get the rich, accurate colour, deeper contrast, and improved brightness so you can enjoy more breathtaking detail⁴. HDR10+ also adjusts colour and contrast scene by scene, delivering a rich, dynamic, and realistic picture that feels like it is jumping off the screen.

The Quantum Dot fills your screen as well as your experience with 100% colour volume


The audio quality seems as amazing as this 85 inch TV is. The dynamic object tracking sound system tracks the object and serves you a perfect surround sound experience. Hear the action in every scene with audio that tracks every motion on the screen. With built-in speakers on all four sides of the TV, you can experience vividly realistic 3D sound that puts you in the middle of the action.

The active voice amplifier does the job well so you catch every word without distraction. It analyzes the ambient noise and enhances the voices in the scene so you can hear the dialogue clearly. The brilliant OTS+ sound system and the 4.2.2 channel audio system sounds perfect.

The OTS+ throws sound to every corner of your room which makes the sound brilliant and unrestricted.

Should you buy this 85 inch TV or not?

  • Buy it if you want great audio quality.
  • Buy it if you want a beautiful looking TV.
  • Buy it if you want an 8K TV.
  • Buy it if you want a sleek TV with amazing picture quality.

  • Do not buy it if you want the Samsung One connect box.
  • Do not buy it if you are a Dolby Atoms fan.
  • Do not buy it if you want free view play

If you want a small TV for your kitchen or something then you may check the best 24 inch TV list.

FAQ’s related to 85 inch TV

Is an 85 TV too big?

It is not too big but depends on the area or size of the room or hall you want to place it in. You should definitely measure if an 85 inch TV would fit or not leaving some space on both of the sides of the TV.

Why is 85 TV so expensive?

It is due to the size and quality of the screen you get and also 85 inch TV’s are being in demand. The 85 inch TV also comes with many flagship features which increase its price.

How heavy is an 85 inch TV?

It is not too heavy to be bothered about. It varies from TV to TV.

Is 4K enough for 85 inch?

4K is good enough but 8K would be absolutely mind-blowing.

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